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John Bolton Strikes Deal with Wholesale Fashion Eyewear Outlet


With the possibility of the federal government sequestering his two million dollar advancement of The Room Where it Happened, John Bolton is covering his financial bases by clinching a deal with Acme Fashion Eyewear, wholesale discount outlet of fashion eyewear frames. “He’s the perfect person to showcase our eyewear as his hand, familiarly seen in the media adjusting his glasses, draws the shopper’s eyes to our fashion seeing device. Some people claim he’s a traitor who abandoned his country for a book deal, but we see him as a significant sales promotion asset for the post-career, senior government leaders demographic, but for the war-hawk demographic found virtually in every corner of the nation.”

By gordonsleith

1978 - B.A. Dual major in Amer./Brit. Literature and Psychology. Railroad clerk 1979-1986. 1990 - M.A., Counseling (Mental Health & Substance Abuse). 1991- Licensed Professional Counselor.

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