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Is Rep (R) Jim Jordan Related to a Serial Killer?

There’s been suspicion among Washington pundits that they could be brothers, or, as one AP reporter suggested, “They could very well be the same person. Their resemblances are uncanny; they both wear permanent smirks; they both hide their dark-sides behind lives of public service; and they both possess severe moral impairment.”
President Trump said accusations against Jordan are totally unfounded, “all a hoax, all lies, a witchhunt, possibly even untrue. I have complete confidence in Jim Jordan,” the president said. “Jim always picks up burgers at Wendy’s when he comes over. Great guy. Great talent. Great appetite for service. He knows how to serve his country better than anyone I know.”

By gordonsleith

1978 - B.A. Dual major in Amer./Brit. Literature and Psychology. Railroad clerk 1979-1986. 1990 - M.A., Counseling (Mental Health & Substance Abuse). 1991- Licensed Professional Counselor.

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