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President Trump Makes Tentative Plan if he Goes to Prison to Volunteer in the “Scared Straight” Program Using Secret Service Personnel to Scare Adolescent Visitors

(Associated News, Intl. staff photo) President Trump describes how he can thwart kids from entering the dark side of politics by scaring them straight, with the help of his secret service staff, “If they let me keep them,” the president said.

Anonymous sources in the White House disclosed in unauthorized leaks the President is in talks with AG Bill Barr and the top official of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in the remote, unfortunate event that the President is incarcerated. President Trump proposed to jump up and down in front of the young visitors while his secret service personnel in orange jump suits leer at them. President Trump says he’ll scare them so bad they’ll never want to go into politics. “If they don’t want to land in the federal penitentiary, stay out of politics. I always knew it was risky, which kept me out of the tank all this time. But I wanted to serve my country, so I entered politics relatively late in life. And perhaps I’ll have to give the ultimate service to my country by going to jail for the rest of my life.”

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1978 - B.A. Dual major in Amer./Brit. Literature and Psychology. Railroad clerk 1979-1986. 1990 - M.A., Counseling (Mental Health & Substance Abuse). 1991- Licensed Professional Counselor.

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