Tire Sales Soar After MAGA Hats Banned at Goodyear Plant.

The President still threatens to encourage America to boycott Goodyear Tire. Rich Kramer, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company says to President Trump, you’ve been a godsend to us, President Trump. Please continue to tweet your disdain for Goodyear; business has never been better. We’ve had to increase employee hours and put on two new shifts to keep up with manufacturing demands.” Ancillary businesses have spiked in profit margins as well. “Akron is on fire!”

By gordonsleith

1978 - B.A. Dual major in Amer./Brit. Literature and Psychology. Railroad clerk 1979-1986. 1990 - M.A., Counseling (Mental Health & Substance Abuse). 1991- Licensed Professional Counselor.

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